Kind Of Bathroom Curtains Ideas

With all the moisture, water, makeup, soap and hair spray, a bathroom can be a messy place. Due to clutter issues, many people are reluctant to use bathroom curtains ideas and instead go with frosted glass or plastic mini-blinds. However, the undecorated appearance is sharp and dull. If you want to add color and softness to the fabric of your bathroom, there are plenty of curtain styles that work well.

Unique Shower Curtains And Accessories


Shorter curtains are the right way to go in the bathroom. Although there are exceptions, bathrooms are small, temporary rooms. Short, simple curtain panels not only look best, but are up from the floor so they are more likely to remain dry and clean. Even in a small room like a bathroom, long curtains can take up too much space, get in the way, and overpower the room.


Due to the high likelihood that your bathroom curtains become wet or dirty, machine washable fabrics work well for bathroom curtains. Most cotton fabrics or cotton blends can be machine washed and have a relaxed look and feel. Synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester wash and wear well. Avoid silk as it often shows water stains when it gets wet. If you want your window curtains to perfectly match your shower curtain, buy two shower curtains and use one for the manufacture of window curtains.

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