Kitchen Curtains Walmart Ideas

Kitchen curtains walmart add a touch of southern charm to a kitchen window. Sew up some smooth rugged curtain panels to make important windows over the sink. This project is best done with a sewing machine, but does not require any special sewing skills. Carefully measure the window to determine the yardage needed for the curtains. Sew them in a spiky fabric like a dotted Swiss or perhaps colorful cotton gingham.

Teal Walmart Kitchen Curtains


Measure the height of the window from curtains walmart rail to the bottom of a window sill. Add 4 1/2 inches for a top hem and bottom ruffle seam. Subtract 3 inches for a 3-inch ruffle. Measure the width of the window and multiply it by 2, adding 2 inches for the side hem. Distribute in two for two window panels. Multiply the width of a window panel by two for ruffle width. Add 1/2 inch for side hem. Add 3/4 inches to ruffle height for a seam and hem. Rotate the lower edge of the ruffles into 1/4 inch twice for a hem. Needle and sew with a straight stitch.

Tighten the upper tension unit of the sewing machine. Practice collecting scrap materials for a ruffle with sharpened tension until the collection method has mastered. This may take some time but is worth the effort. Attach the ruffled ribbon to the bottom of the curtain panels, collecting them with the tightened tensioning method with a 1/4-inch seam. Sew another seam one inch from the top edge to create a ruffle above the rod. Create side hem for kitchen curtains panels and ruffles by folding each edge over 1/4 inch twice, inserting and straightening.


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