Lace Kitchen Curtains For Elegant Look

Get smart and simple tricks to choose the right lace kitchen curtains – and good tips for hanging them up. Kitchen curtains must be washed regularly, as they are exposed to all kinds of dirt and cooking odors. Many, however, prefer to have them anyway, as it can be nice to screen for the strong sun when you sit and eat. A tip for the kitchen is therefore to choose a type of curtain that can be easily taken down and which allows you to adjust the light incident – a folding curtain for example.

Kitchen With Lace Curtains

For an elegant look, use lace plates for your cafe curtains. Any lace panel will do, but handmade lace looks best. Search antique malls and thrift stores for an old lace tablecloth for use as a running length. Save money by buying a damaged one, and just avoid the damaged parts when cutting your panels. Sew small rings to the top of your panels. Hang them from a thin wooden or metal curtain rod.

Also, crocheted panels look like lace but have a heavier, more home-woven feel. Crochet your own or shop thrift stores for old crocheted throws, baby blankets and shawls. Stick with black, white or neutral for a classic look, or go retro-funky with colorful yarn. With heavier panels, you need a heavier looking rod. Try black or white iron with matching rings.

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