Long Wall Mirror Ideas

Long Wall Mirror –  A very good idea to reduce the cost of a wall mirror is to have a frame. Take old paintings, for example you no longer like or you think it’s outdate or doesn’t match your decor anymore. Because you have a frame, you can fix it with a mirror inside. This is also very creative because you have many choices of glass. You can place a normal mirror in the frame or you can buy a more luxurious mirror with color or image. Long wall mirrors with flower or animal paintings are very modern. And elegant and can be accommodate in any decoration.

Long Brass Wall Mirror

Another option to reduce mirror costs is to choose a mirror without walls. Such mirrors are cheaper because there are no frames. Frames are often worth more than mirrors because of the material. You can find a frame made of rare wood or silver and other valuable materials and this raises costs. Frameless frames have no risk at all. Besides the mirror, the only extra money you will pay is to finish the edges. This is not something that is quite dense because you can order the end result that you like: a mirror framed with colored edges or with painting out is a way that adds a touch mirror style.

If you become a vintage, you can buy a wall mirror from an antique shop or flea market. You might think that these places have expensive mirrors because they are old and antique. Of course, you can find a mirror like that if it’s in it or you can. However, this is where people go to sell or change their wall mirrors. As a result, you can find modern and up-to-date mirrors at very low prices. They can be used but they will have a vintage touch and also the price is cheaper than the original price.

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