Look Fresh Black And White Shower Curtains

Shower curtains for bath or shower can be found in many types and styles. Sober or just very colorful, classic black and white shower curtains can give your bathroom the look you want. But they have one thing in common: they are waterproof! You will also find the necessary accessories to hang your shower curtains: shower curtain rods and rings, available in various colors.

Black And White Bathroom Curtains

The most common size of shower curtains is 180 x 200 cm. In addition, we also have curtains with a smaller width of 120 cm. The shower curtain rods are supplied separately and can be mounted in various sizes from 60 cm to 125 cm and from 125 to 220 cm. A shower curtain can quickly get dirty because of all the water it comes into contact with.

Therefore, wash your shower curtain regularly. For most shower curtains, you can simply wash them in the washing machine. First remove the shower curtain rings or hooks before you put the curtain in the washing machine. When you have finished washing you can fasten the rings to the curtain and hang them up immediately. Now your shower curtain is clean again, and it also smells nice and fresh! Check our gallery to inspire you. See you soon!

12 Look Fresh Black And White Shower Curtains Photos