Mercury Glass Table Lamp: Exposed To All People’s Eyes

The modern mercury glass table lamp comes in many forms. Starting with the rectangular and round more or less classic through the oval tables. Finally with even more original examples reflecting the imagination and creativity of today’s designers. It is the same for the feet of this type of table. Which necessarily constitutes an important decorative detail because it is exposed to all people’s eyes.

Glass Mercury Lamp

In this publication we examine design models of such tables. And the best ways to use them in their interior design. The modern glass table is a classic furniture whose smooth surface is successfully used in dark-color interiors or in rooms that leave something to be desire from the lighting point of view. In this context, it reflects the light and allows us to improve the overall ambience of the room.

In an interior dominated by light shades, a model glass table will have a less remarkable presence. But equally interesting, especially if the furniture we have chosen has feet in shades. Glass and wood are two complementary natural materials that symbolize the beauty that is reserve, the other the warm grace. Now we leave you with our images of mercury glass table lamp. So you see that well stay in your home. See you soon!

12 Mercury Glass Table Lamp: Exposed To All People’s Eyes Photos