Models Of Garage Door Handles And Locks

Garage Door Handles – A garage door lock is a device used to fix a garage door. It is important to secure valuables that are kept in a garage. If your garage happens to be attached to your house, a lock on the garage door is even more critical. As it ensures that your home is also safe. There are different types of garage door locks that offer different levels of security. Such as the door-side bolt, T-handle lock, electronic lock on the garage door and the security lock.

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Locking the side of the door bolt is the most common and simplest type of lock for a garage door. Usually, it’s the type of lock that comes with a garage door. This type of lock is attached to the inside of the door and has a bolt that slides into a receiving slot in the door rail, which ensures that the door cannot be opened from the outside.

The T-handle lock is another simple but effective locking system. This type of lock is installed on the outside of the door. It receives its name from the handle it is used to operate the lock since it has the shape of the “T” letter this type of lock has two screws that go into the slots of each of the door maintenance lanes of the door. Since it is on the outside of the door, it has a lock with key that ensures that the handle cannot be moved without the key.

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