Modern Kitchen Curtains Ideas

When you think of modern kitchen curtains, you might think of heavy, stuffy drapes hanging in a salon from a past era or perhaps lacy, floral curtains from your grandmother’s living room. You can modernize your curtains by choosing the right material, getting creative and keeping it simple.

Simple Kitchen Curtains

Add texture to Neutrals

Modern design is heavily dependent on the use of neutral — white, beige and gray — which happens to make large curtain colors as well. Avoid a sharp look by choosing modern curtains with interesting textures. Silk is timeless and can give a bit of shine and give luxury to your interior. Sheer white cotton is about as classic as it comes for curtains; maximize the effect by allowing the fabric to drape. Natural materials such as linen, bamboo or grass cloth provide the ultimate structure for modern curtains.

Not traditional curtains

Curtains need not just be textiles. Try the beaded shimmer curtains; a modern take on this 60-trend means stainless steel balls or bars. Buy enough fabric to cover your window with a few inches extra in each direction. Fold the fabric to give it a nicer look, or hire a seamstress to do it for you. Also, buy a curtain spiral with metal clips — a very flexible mounting option that works for almost any size of window. Install the thread in your window jamb and squeeze the newly folded fabric in place. You can have different curtains that completely change the feeling of space in a matter of minutes.

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