More Ideas For Wooden Screen Room Divider

A typical room consists of four walls, a ceiling and a floor. In this Idea book we view innovative interpretations of wooden screen room divider concept. Where we divide a ‘normal’ house into proportional blocks. We see a number of more playful spaces in this Idea book. What you can never have enough in a house? Love and storage space, we would reply. These two concepts have been combined in this living room.

Wood Screen Room Awesome

A lovingly decorated room divider with extra storage space is the result. This wall serves as TV furniture for storage space for small decorative items. What is striking about the custom-made wall is how some parts are fully cut away, while others are provided with a rear wall. Bringing these elements together in one wall creates a storage unit that separates spaces without completely isolating them from each other.

What is remarkable about this wall partition is that it is the eye-catcher of the room. Where the glass wall that we saw before falls away as much as possible, this partition wall draws attention. If we nevertheless start to talk about Eastern influences in the area of ​​walls and partition walls, the so-called ‘shoji’ should not be missing.

24 More Ideas For Wooden Screen Room Divider Photos