More Inspiration For Square Bathroom Sinks

Square bathroom sinks are often underestimated in the bathroom. After all, a sink is just a sink, right? Not so! A sink is used intensively. Brushing your teeth, washing, shaving, make-up, styling … it all happens. That is why it is important to determine which functionalities are important in your situation. Moreover, there are a huge number of choices. Think of shapes, styles and materials. The latter, for example, affects maintenance. And finally a matching washbasin tap of course: it completes the picture.

Bath Shaped Sinks Square

Before you choose a sink, it is wise to think about a number of things. For example, your family situation: do you want a single or double sink? In addition, the material: ceramic or concrete, marble or natural stone? Every material has its own appearance (and maintenance). Tip: ask for Solid Surface. A relatively new material that looks velvety and is very functional. The shape is also important. Round gives a soft look, while square looks tough.

The choice of a single washbasin or double washbasin is mainly related to your family situation. The more people, the more elbows when brushing your teeth. But let’s face it: a double sink is of course just a feast for the eyes. Within our own brand we also offer customized washbasin tops . And do you want to make it even more special? Then consider a build-up bowl . Or two of course.

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