Novelty Shower Curtains Ideas

Novelty shower curtains – If your bathroom is outdated, old or just boring, give it a taste with a homemade novelty shower curtains. Full of color and eye-catching patterns, this curtain gives character even the softest shower cabin. Start by either shopping cloth and this project is an ideal way to use even old fabrics that do not match.

Nice Cool Shower Curtains

Hand-made unconventional, experiment with different fabrics, including those that are not necessarily related to bathrooms, to create a new shower curtain. Even hanging an old shower curtain in a new way is sometimes the change you are looking for. For those who do not like to cut or sew fabrics, hang a high shower curtain rod near the ceiling. And then hang the curtain from long, thin metal chains instead of traditional hooks.

Curtain bath towel, the soft, absorbent, often colorful bath towel is a ubiquitous icon of plush and pleasant bathrooms everywhere. Raise the comfort in your bathroom by replacing your vinyl shower curtain with this DIY project. Take two cloth bath towels, and put them side by side, their long sides touching. Select towels that are the same size with the same decorations, not necessarily the same color; complementary colors add variety to the shade. And then make holes evenly spaced along this edge, embellish the products with the eyelets. And then hang the towels from your shower curtain.

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