Pedestal Bathroom Sinks Is The New Trend

In recent decades there has been a tendency to use large and wide sinks. But the pedestal wash comes back into effect. If you are considering renovating your bathroom, recommend using the pedestal bathroom sinks to save a little space. Although the counter can help with storage in a bathroom. It can give a little air to the bathroom, but leave it with a more open, fresh look.

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A pedestal washes in white color

It’s not because you choose a pedestal wash, you have to give up your entire disk space. There is plenty of washing with flattened tops with equal space for a bottle or soap, a small vase or a cup for toothbrushes. If you need space for something more, your bathroom is probably too crowded and you need to invest in a storage cabinet. Two small pedestal sinks are a real blessing for sharing a bathroom with everyone.

Two sinks to share the bathroom

Meanwhile, consider adding a small shelf to extra cabinet for pedestal sink. The column case is perfect for toilets where storage and disk space are not a necessity. One of the great benefits of pedestal washes is that they give you flexibility in choice and design. From ultra-modern cylindrical and modern stone to moody to the child-friendly color wash. A pedestal wash undoubtedly gives your place a lot of character and charm.

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