Pleasant Bathroom Chandelier Lighting

General bathroom chandelier lighting or more targeted: if the bathroom is of sufficient size, it is best to mix both. The general lighting will illuminate the entire room with lamps that are close to the light of day. Side forms, you choose between ceiling lights. Or LEDs embedded in the ceiling that require more work. Specific lighting will highlight a targeted space, often the sink, mirror or shower.

Bathroom Chandeliers Ideas Glass

Spots or sconces, opt for lighting powerful enough to facilitate shaving or makeup. And to be on the cutting edge of the trend. Lamps with built-in LEDs to save energy and illuminating mirrors that combine aesthetics and practicality. The trick of this illuminating mirror? It is equipped with Leds ‘daylight’ offering extreme accuracy to the field of vision, without shadow or possible distortion at the time of makeup or shaving.

Without forgetting its two lighting strips, at the top and at the bottom, which provide a homogeneous and perfectly distributed luminosity.  Directly fixed on the mirror of the bathroom, these spots perfectly fulfill their primary mission: to diffuse a sufficiently powerful and targeted light above the sink. Note the pretty shiny chrome finish that goes well with the brilliance of red furniture.

12 Pleasant Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Photos