Pleasant Ikea Sliding Doors Room Divider

The space in this dining room is small; with in particular a small width. To avoid the clearance required for a conventional door, a single leaf ikea sliding doors room divider has been installed. In steel and glass-like glass, it allows natural light to come into the living room. Made of wood and glass, they leave the view free on the black wall of the bottom. This layout highlights the depth of the space.

3 Panel Sliding Doors

Open during the day, it offers a pleasant circulation and comes close spaces at night; without losing room with the deflection of a conventional door. The industrial deco of this double room is emphasized by the choice of a steel and glass door way workshop. A large sliding door on the wall separates the living room from the entrance and the bathroom. The advantage of this arrangement: erase (or not) spaces of the duplex little deco.

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With its solid walnut cladding, the XXL sliding door imposes its style and warms the atmosphere in the white living room. The contemporary kitchen of the house of 200 m2 is separate from the living room by a sliding wooden door. Practical, it allows to choose between open kitchen and separate kitchen according to his desires. With its modern wooden panels, it fits easily into the decor of the living room.

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