Popular Mickey Mouse Bedroom Curtains

One of the most popular variants because of its functionality and aesthetic look at the time, is opt for a combination of sheer curtains and Mickey Mouse bedroom curtains. The so-called double curtain is a combination of a thin and transparent curtain and a blackout curtain. They can be in similar shades or desired dissonance. Naturally, the sheers are more decorative in function than anything else. While the thick room curtains are used to obscure the light of day, when you take a nap, for example.

Blue Mickey Mouse Theme

Please choose easy-care fabrics that do not wrinkle too much when washing. For those who do not like ironing, hang the bedroom curtains when they are still wet. And let them dry in a natural way on the clothes rail. It must, however, be strong enough to support the weight of the curtains, which becomes considerably greater when the fabric is wet.

In terms of choice of colors and patterns, the possibilities are almost endless. In any case it is the overall impression that counts and not the specific nuances and designs. However, bedroom curtains perfectly matched to the wall painting or the rest of the textile in the room are more suited to classic style interior design.

12 Popular Mickey Mouse Bedroom Curtains Photos