Practical And Functional Diy Garage Storage

Diy garage storage – With a little method and adequate storage space, a garage can be transformed into a practical and functional space and accommodate a comfortable workshop to tinker in complete safety. Always choose closed storage whenever possible. Shelves are less expensive, but they hold dust and leave products and / or tools that are dangerous for children. For more security, prefer furniture with lockable doors. And to ensure their stability, fix them to the wall.

Diy Ceiling Bike Storage Racks For Garage

Available in DIY superstores and garage builders, specific furniture is available in multiple materials and for all budgets. Made of metal, they support heavy loads. Made of PVC, they are lighter but do not fear moisture. Another solution: recovery. The elements of an old kitchen, an old wardrobe … can be recycle in a clever way. Mounted on wheels, they will easily fit under the worktop.

Attention: mismatched furniture is losing space and is less functional than a homogeneous set. Hooks for bicycles, rails, lifting systems also free up floor space (just like a mezzanine). Some ceiling heights can save on storage space, like here above the garage door. There are also robust lifting systems for loading and lifting objects without the aid of a ladder.

12 Practical And Functional Diy Garage Storage Photos