Pretty Coastal Shower Curtains

Coastal shower curtains – The bathroom is a wet room that can quickly turn into a giant pool. To prevent splashing water from the shower on the walls and floor, accessorize it with a shower curtain. How to make the right choice? This folder gives you some practical tips before buying. If you have chosen to buy a shower curtain, it will be necessary to dwell on its subject. And for good reason, it is more or less easy to maintain.

Beach Shower Curtains

Here is a list of the main materials possible for shower curtain. The PVC shower curtain (plastic) is the most common. They have the unpleasant habit of sticking to wet skin. It is cold and mildew may appear on the bottom of the curtain (moisture). Over time, the curtain has the annoying tendency to yellow. It is an investment called first price. It is washed with water.

The fabric shower curtain (cotton) is the most aesthetic. It is usually lined with a plastic or coated coating. We like its waterproofness, waterproofness and ease of maintenance. It is easily washed by machine or by hand. The polyester shower curtain is halfway between the plastic shower curtain and the fabric shower curtain. It has good resistance and is machine washableat 60 ° for impeccable cleanliness.

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