Pretty Vintage Kitchen Curtains

Vintage kitchen curtains – From now on, the furniture and objects of recovery unearthed in flea markets give themselves a second life to compose a vintage kitchen stuffed with charm. Exit the stainless steel, the marble, the appliances of pro, the hood design and the table of well-ordered meal. The vintage kitchen in the saloon style prefers raw wood, is dressed in natural materials and a floor made of cement tiles or tommettes, and finally, it chooses mismatched chairs , decorative objects and retro tableware.

Country Vintage Kitchen Curtains

Far from being obsolete, this pretty panoply offers a new breath in the vintage kitchen. Real charm in interior decoration, the curtain is the thing and more! This elegant dressing of your windows will “upgrade” a room to give it a real character. Strong trend of the season, the Botanic style gives atmosphere in our interiors! It distills a festive mood with its colors full of pep and freshness.

Twist the atmosphere with curtains with ethnic graphics inspired by the primitive arts. Between tradition and modernity, simple geometric patterns enhance interiors in search of a certain authenticity. Combine them with a braided decoration and raw ceramic cups. These crossbreeds give character to the decor. So chic, they bring an artistic touch into the room. Gold and silver keys add to the pomp of the decor to create effects of matter that warm the mood.

12 Pretty Vintage Kitchen Curtains Photos