Put Curved Shower Curtains Rod

There are bathrooms where it is impossible to place a straight curtain rod. So in those cases it is best to place one that is curved shower curtains rod and aluminum, easy to cut and fix to the wall. In the market you can find double rail models, although we are going to place a simple one. Step 1, take measurements of the width of the bathtub to place one of the supports.

42 Inch Curved Tension Shower Rod

Place curved tension shower rod on the tile, at the desired height, a piece of masking tape so that the bit does not slip when making the hole. Step 2, mark the two holes of the plastic support and drill with a wide bit for hard surfaces. Remove the bodybuilder’s tape. Insert the blocks and fix the bracket on the wall that will hold the bar by screwing it. Repeat the operation on the other side of the bathtub. Step 3, to cut the curved shower curtains rail, we measure the length of the tub and the width to the wall.

Move the measurements on both sides of the curved shower rod tension rail and cut with a saw. Then, installing the bar, with its hooks for curtains, fitting it into the supports. Step 4, place the support bar on the roof near the curve and press on the groove of the rail. Mark the point on the roof and make a hole with the drill. Insert the support, fit the bar and screw on the two ends to fix it. Step 5, we only has to hang the curtain threading the hooks on the rail.

12 Put Curved Shower Curtains Rod Photos