Reclaimed Wood Nightstand Ideas

Reclaimed wood nightstand from scrap wood requires you to consider wood clips that you have to work with, as well as the availability of colors or stains, to complete your design. In creating your design, all you need is some tools and a time to develop ideas for a nightstand that you can build yourself, at little or no cost.

Red Rustic Wood Nightstands


Collect Materials

Measure the height of the bed with a tape measure. Normally, a bedside table height will correspond to the height of the bed. The height you need is important, so you can find scrap wood for the legs in the table that will be at least this height or higher. Keep in mind that you will need four pieces of timber, all the same size diameter, for the legs.

Measure the length of the space next to the bed, where you want to place the table, using your tape measure. Also, measure the width of the space. These measurements will be the size of the piece of wood that you need to look for bedside table. The piece of wood can be larger and cut down, if necessary. You can also use several wood planks for your tabletop, even if they should match your space measurements, when placed next to each other or cut down. Find pieces of wood that you can use to tighten the legs and table top. The size of the timber you need depends on the size of the table you design.

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