Recommended Garage Floor Paint Ideas

Garage Floor Paint – Garage floors are difficult to maintain due to cosmetically fats and exposure to the elements. However, the type of garage floor finish can help improve the appearance of your entire garage. Therefore, choosing the right paint for your garage floor is a very important decision.

Garage Floor Paint Sherwin Williams

Alkyd paints are oil-based paints that can be easily applied to a garage floor. One of the main problems with alkyd paints is moisture vapor. The moisture reacts with the alkaline materials in the concrete below the paint and soap form through the saponification. This soap degrades the bonds between alkyd paint and concrete.

Epoxy paint garage paint consists of epoxy and acrylic resins. This type of garage floor paint is designed to withstand the pressure of tires, moisture vapor and chemicals from motor vehicles. Before applying this type of paint, the garage floor should be cleaned and degreased. Both components of the paint must be mixed and applied on the floor with a roller. The final step consists of non-slip sprinkler color chips on top of the paint layer, while still wet. This painting has a relatively longer application time and can be traversed within four hours and conducted within seven days of painting.

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