Repair Crack Of Gold Wall Mirror Frame

Gold wall mirror with gilt frames is decorated and made of wood, metal or stone. With a long history, dating back to 2300 BC, gold is created using pure gold, gold blends or gold paint coatings. If your golden mirror is an antique, be careful when repairing cracks. Use traditional hide glue, or rabbit tail, for the best results. Skin glue works on top of any previous glue used in the gilding process, frame construction or previous repairs, so there is no need to scrape the old glue. Tail fur was used in all frames built before the 1940s and is preferred for restoration projects. It is easily found on boats, to work the wood and hardware stores, as well as online.

White And Gold Wall Mirror

Soak 1 to 3 tablespoons of skin glue in 2 tablespoons of water, using a canister jar for a vessel. Let the glue on for several hours or all night. Put the jar in a pot of water and heat the water until it reaches 140 degrees F. Check the temperature with a thermometer regularly to make sure it does not go over 140 degrees F. Heat for three minutes until the glue is fibrous when handling it with a brush or a fork.

Draw the glue in a syringe by placing the syringe nozzle on the glue and pulling the plunger up. Connect a needle to the syringe. Inject the glue into the wood crack carefully. The glue will fill the crack, dry quickly and be invisible, and it will heal completely after 24 hours.

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