Room Divider Fireplace Design

Room divider fireplace ideas can turn a fireplace into a beautiful focal point. So use them to design and decorate your fireplace accordingly. Whether you are upgrading old brick or deigning a new wall. Consider all your options for the materials in the hearth zones and inside the gas fireplace.

Room Divider Fireplace Chair

Design a wall of the gas fireplace as a divider between two rooms of your house. And then with the fireplace open and visible from the two rooms. Your wall can be full-sized, just by looking through the gas fireplace opening or creating a partial gas fireplace wall with a see through fireplace opening and the ability to walk around the wall in one or both sides of the fireplace. This design concept works well between a master bedroom and the bathroom. The living room and the kitchen or the dining room and living room.

Gas fireplace dividing walls can be made of stone stacked one on the side glass tiles and on the other if your house is contemporary. You can also opt for colored crystals instead of traditional gas logs. Chimney crystals are sold in pounds with connections that fit your existing gas elements. The flames are fed through the panes instead of through the logs, creating a distinctive design for the two rooms in your house. You can also upgrade your traditional brick wall with stone cladding and exchange gas logs for glass for a less expensive solution for building a new chimney wall.

24 Room Divider Fireplace Design Photos