Room Divider Wall Style Ideas

Room divider wall – Partitions are used to divide interior spaces and create new rooms. Unlike structural walls, which must be strong enough to support the weight of the construction, partitions are lightweight and not load bearing. This makes them relatively easy and quick to build from wood and drywall. For a professional looking finish, the wall still has to line up neatly and perfectly vertical. This is achieved through the process known as the square of the wall.

Residential Divider Wall Ideas

Select walls exist in as a reference point and take all measurements from there. From the wall, measure along the room to the point where the bottom plate of the partition wall will be installed. Mark the ground at these points. When finished there will be a mark on each side of the room, which represents the position of the bottom plate.

Connect one end of a chalk line to one of the marks using a tack nail. Or self-adhesive putty and stretch the chalk line across the room to the opposite mark. Pull the line taut, lift it between your forefinger and thumb, and then let it snap into place. The result is a chalk line printed on the floor, forming a straight line across the room.

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