Setting DIY Room Divider Screen

DIY room divider screen for a modern entertainment system often has many components, including a satellite or cable box and a DVD player. More complex home media centers can also include game consoles, a DVR box or even a media computer. Hiding satellite and DVD players, as well as other gadgets, is a great way to reduce visual clutter. A satellite box and DVD player can be hidden inside an entertainment booth that has hidden compartments, or behind a wall in an adjoining room.

Red DIY Room Divider Screen


Entertainment stand

Buy an entertainment stand that has hidden compartments. Make sure it is rated for the weight of your TV, and that its dimensions are a suitable fit for the room your TV is in. Assemble the entertainment stand if it is not supplied pre-assembled. Directions will be included either in a brochure inside the package or printed on the side of the box. Close the door to the compartment when the satellite box or DVD player is not in use.

Adjoining rooms

Place entertainment in front of, or mount the TV to a wall adjacent to a wardrobe or unused space. Cut a hole in the plaster behind the TV. The hole should be large enough for the satellite box and the DVD player’s wires to fit through. Draw a circle on the wall using a stencil and pen or marker. Points the stenciled mark several times with a razor until the section can be dropped freely from the wall. Press a nail through the center of the hole and out the opposite wall. Enter the other room or wardrobe and place the template so that the nail protrudes from the plaster is in its center.

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