Shabby Chic Shower Curtains In Panel Type

Shabby chic shower curtains put the final touch on your windows, changing them from indescribable framed glasses to focal points in your room. Normal curtain panels can be adapted to almost any window style. But before choosing floor length panels for a French balcony door, hanging shorter panels in a double hung window in a Colonial style house, or layering a sheer panel under formal privacy curtains, your window treatments a small punch with ornaments.

Vintage Shower Curtain

Add trim. Give the curtain panels a country look with ball fringe edging. They adorn transparent panels with lace for a romantic Victorian touch. Sew on the rick shelf for a fresh look over the panels in the kitchen windows. Give your dimension of the curtain panels. Sew buttons of different sizes, colors, and shapes for a fun touch in the room of a teenage girl. Decorate the curtain panels in a nursery with brightly colored butterfly hair clips.

The curtain panels. Use fabric paint to add photos, patterns, words or letters. Paint your initials to match the monogrammed towels in your bathroom. The template of a rustic heart design around the border to match the decor of your country. Tie behind the curtains. Think outside the box of shapes to jazz up the curtain panels while pulling from the window. Slide them through wrought iron hooks for a traditional, custom look. Pull them back with gold complete with braided ropes with tassels in a formal room.

12 Shabby Chic Shower Curtains In Panel Type Photos