Shelf Bathtub Tile Ideas

Add shelf bathtub tile ideas to the bathtub and shower enclosure to give your bathroom a custom look while keeping the area more functional and easier to clean. A tile shelf allows you to keep shampoo bottles and shavers from the sides and corners of the bathtub, leading to a less messy look. Tile shelves are best installed while you are tiling the rest of the bath and shower area. No matter what type of shelving you choose, make sure each shelf tilts slightly towards the drain. So the water does not pool next to wall tiles. This will help you avoid leaks and make the shelves easier to clean.

How To Tile A Bathtub Front


A niche also called a shampoo niche or shade box, your tub and shower enclosure look like a custom-designed mount. You can build a regular rectangular or square niche or install one with a bow at the top. Use a contrasting tile for the back wall niche for a dramatic effect. Or make it fall with the rest of the cabinet using the same tile. If you need a lot of shelf space in the tub area, you can install one or more shelves in a niche. Or you can install multiple niches on one or more walls. A shelf made of custom-cut marble or granite will add a touch of elegance to your niche bathroom ideas.

Corner shelf bathtub tile ideas

Round or triangular corner shelves are functional and attractive additions to the tub cabinet. Consider installing more than one shelf in the same corner if you need more space. Measure the height of your highest toiletries to assess how much space to leave between the shelves. If your hardware store sells scrap pieces of marble or granite, you may be able to have a corner shelf cut from their choice of leftovers.

9 Shelf Bathtub Tile Ideas Photos