Short Curtains For Bedroom Ideas

From the vacationer’s point of view, the sight of long clean short curtains for bedroom fluttering in a tropical breeze is enchanting. On the home front can hang long sheers presenting some challenges? A combination of short sheers and long curtains can handle multiple situations where you may need a creative window treatment.

Beautiful Bedroom Curtains

In a bay window

Short curtains mounted on cut-outs of a bay window allow you to draw drapes at night, prevent drafts and save energy. They do a little, but to filter dazzling daylight or protect your privacy. Mount short sheers on each window, just long enough to graze the lower shelf or platform of the window. Mount the rods at the tip of each window or save the view using the sheers only on the lower half of the window. Less onerous than inner plantation-style shutters, short sheers can be used to soften reflections and architectural lines behind a window seat. They will also block the sharpest drafts of winter window babysitters. Use a handle on long curtains to give a really cozy feel.

At a Dormer Window

Add a little drama to the bedroom interior with short sheers on the skylights, and then add long sleeves at the edge of the canopy alcove. Mounting the long curtain rods outside the window frame enlarges the perceived window size, while the aft lobe gives some privacy. Long curtains provide more sophisticated coordination with other bedroom textiles than short curtain states. Closing long curtains at night gives coziness to the room as well.

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