Shower Curtains Rod Holder Ideas

If you have a regular window that needs to dress up, hanging a curtain can give it some character. Unfortunately, buying window processing in addition to the necessary hardware needed to hang it can be a little expensive. But, if you can swing the cost of the shower curtains rod holder, there is a way to refrain from having to buy the rod. Two nails, one piece of string and your favorite curtain are all you need.

Regard Shower Rod Holders


Measure the length of your window and cut a piece of string that is twice the width of the window. The string will act as your curtain rod. Kite string works perfectly for this project if you have the scattered your house, otherwise you can buy it in the supermarket for minimal cost. Use a pen to mark places for the nails that will hold the string. The nails markers should be placed about one inch to the right of the top window casting, and one inch to the left of the top window forming. In other words, a nail will be placed on both sides of the upper window forming.

Hammer in both nails in their correct locations. Be sure to leave about a quarter of an inch between the wall and each nail head. Nail heads should not be flush with the wall; quarter inch away will provide plenty of room to wrap the string around the nails. Run the open end of the string through the top of the curtain, just as you would a regular curtain rod. When the string is completely through the curtain, pull the learned and wrap it tightly around the remaining nail. Tie a final knot to secure the string.

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