Simple To Use Room Divider On Wheels

Shoji are Japanese room divider on wheels that consist of a wooden grid on which semi-transparent paper is stuck on one side. In this room, a typical Japanese room, we see them on a number of walls. The beauty of the shoji is that the walls can easily be moved. In this way, the space can be redesigned to meet the wishes of the resident. In the western world, we see little of the sliding doors in this form. Shoji are therefore less in vogue in our cold little country.

Cube Divider On Wheels

The glass panels that we see here, however, have been popular since the 1930s. The en-suite doors that we see in this room slide completely away when the room has to be open and close it completely when they are closed. By subsequently placing glass in the panels, the various spaces remain connected.

The effect of en suite partition doors is therefore in a certain sense the same as the sohji. But the location of the walls is much more static. Finally striking about the sliding doors that we see in this living room is the distinct black in which they are designed. A nice choice in a space that is further filled with more neutral earth tones. Below is an example of a more room divider on wheels to inspire you.

12 Simple To Use Room Divider On Wheels Photos