Slat Wooden Shoe Rack

Wooden shoe rack slat looks similar to a storage pallet. The frame has spaces between the wooden slats to support the shoes supporting them between the tip of the shoe and its laces. A shoe rack like this works very well in closets or entry areas. This design is easy to build and uses cheap and basic materials. In about 30 minutes, you can be organizing your shoes in the newly installed ribbon cobbler.

Wooden Shoe Rack Design

Drill two 3/8 inch holes that are 2 inches deep in each of your 36-inch boards. There should not be a 6-inch hole in each end on both boards. Screw the 36-inch panels to the wall where you would prefer to hang your shoe rack. Using a 4-inch bolt and screw gun. Place the plates in a vertical position and parallel to each other, placing them 20 inches apart and with the 3/8 inch holes visible and perpendicular to the wall.

Screw of a board 27 inch boards horizontally to 36 inch to 27 inch edge is flush with the upper ends of the two boards 36 inches. Make sure that the ends of the 27-inch boards are flush with the faces of the 36-inch wood. Screw the other table 27 inches so it is parallel to the first and 2 inches below it. Repeat this process until you use the rest of the 27-inch boards, with two 2-inch screws for each board.

12 Slat Wooden Shoe Rack Photos