Small Bookcase Decor Ideas

Small bookcase – Maintaining a large library can show not only your literary interests, but your decorating skills for home as well. A well-organized and attractive library can be arranged in any number of ways, and can display anything from photographs and ornaments to flowers and antiques. Allow your creativity and personal tastes as a guide for the organization of the shelves. Then, decide what books you would like to show. Not all books withstand the test of time. Some will suffer loose or broken fixings, or torn pages. Others may not want to show. Also, choose attractive bound volumes, of different sizes and colors. And those that best reflect your personal interests.

Idea Great Small Bookcase

Then, decide how to organize your books, so it will be easy for you to locate a desired volume. Alphabetical order may work better for you, but keep in mind the organization of your books by gender, author, or even date of publication.

Preparation of the shelves and the back wall of the book shelves. The shelves can be sanded to give them a rustic quality or repainted. Painting or wallpapering the back wall of the screen will create depth and visual interest. Decide what design scheme you would like to have your shelves, and what elements you will display in them. A minimalist bookcase includes few or no decorations, where volumes are presented carefully in a row or in piles.

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