Smart Garage Tool Organizer Ideas

Garage tool organizer – Owning a lot of tools means efficiency while working, as well as a greater variety of potential projects. However, a lot of tools can also mean disorganization and a messy garage or basement. Fortunately, you do not have to go out and spend a lot of money on luxury tool organizers that cannot even meet all your needs. Once you realize what type of storage you want to have, you can build a custom tool organizer on your own.

Hanging Garage Tool Organizer

Clean a bucket and let it dry. Measure the outer circumference while waiting. A bucket organizer is perfect for all types of tools and amplifies the regular functionality of a normal bucket by adding storage space outdoors. Wrap a heavy-duty cloth tool belt the pockets over, the better around the outside of the bucket with the pockets facing up. If the band is longer than the circumference of the cube, you will have to cut the additional length. Use high strength or permanent glue on the entire back side of the strap to adhere it to the bucket.

Begin to fill the bucket organizer with your tools after the glue dries and the outer pockets are firmly in place. If you have smaller tools than the larger ones, you can also divide the interior with a thin sheet of fitted wood gluing the thin sides will also help directly in the center of the cube. Use your measuring tape to ensure a perfect fit.

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