Sofa Table Diy In Simple Design

If you are again in favor of the simple décor with chalk-white walls, simple furniture and small hang for nips, this kind of sofa table diy can be a damn elegant addition. The turquoise blue worktop is fresh and somehow unusually comfortable to stare at. Of the sofa tables I have had a sharpest eye on. We have this stylish sofa table, which is made of ceramic materials.

Own Table Stand

I am crazy about the combination of the simple design and the practical aspect in the form of space for books, magazines etc. as well as the square hole where you can set a bouquet of flowers or whatever the creativity otherwise. In addition, the dark color is also cursed to look at. There is nothing more beautiful than wood in its natural form. It is organic, beautiful and simple.

Such a tree stump provides many different options compare to the decor around the sofa. Precisely because it is made directly from old wood roots, they are all 100% unique with different color tones, sizes and notches. For example, it would look nice to have 2-3 tree stumps together next to each other. One could also use such a wooden stub as a side table for a stylish lamp.Glass garage doors for sale,

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