Special Ideas Girls Bedroom Wall Decor

Girls bedroom wall decor – Teenage girls need a sanctuary where they feel safe and relaxed. Dated decor from childhood can get a teen feel her room is nothing special. To decorate this important space, contact your teenager for ideas and creative input since she will spend most of the time here. Depending on your teen’s taste, you have many decorating options

Bohemian Themed Bedroom Girls

If your teen is a period movie buff or enjoys vintage items, consider decorating her room in this style. For example, if her favorite movie is Moulin Rouge ask her if she would like a French boudoir theme. We offers these tips to make your make-over affordable: search for recycling stores, garage sales and thrift stores for a brass bed or other items in this theme. Frame cheap movie posters for wall decor.

Or if she is a fan of film noir, create a space that reflects the elegant styles of the 1940s and 50s. This type of furniture is also easily accessible at other stores and may only need a coat of paint to look fresh. Use your teen’s favorite color. Ask her if she would like a monochrome room. Using different shades and textures of her favorite color is an easy trick that brings space together.

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