Styles Of Modern Living Room Curtains

Many different styles of modern living room curtains or window treatments go on long narrow windows. These can come in a variety of fabrics, and you can use more than one treatment on a window. Before choosing a style, determine how much light you want in the room, if you want the windows as a focal point or not and if you want the treatment to provide some insulation for the room Of course, the more expensive window treatments are of better quality and, because of this, the fabric tends to hang more elegantly.

Interest Modern Curtain

Long curtains

Use ceiling to living room floor curtains made of lace, nylon, silk or other long, skirt fabric. Choose fabrics that go with your room and your decor style. Use the shiny side for a more formal look or country casual fabric when the room is decorated in country style. Long curtains put focus on long narrow windows. Formal room uses curtains that only reach the floor. If the room is large, curtains should pull back over a wide part of the wall. Keep curtains open and against the wall to make tall narrow windows a focal point in the room. Use neutral colors in small rooms, as large patterned or colorful curtains make a room seem smaller.

Sheers on bars

The curtain’s aft leap on rods works with long windows near doors. This curtain is gathered at the top and bottom of the window. The rods are located in the window frame or at the top and bottom edge of the window. Curtain fabric is clean but can have a print. They are available in neutral or bright colors; But in a sophisticated room use neutral colors.

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