Styles Of Unique Bathroom Sinks And Vanities

Instead of choosing a simple bathroom sinks and vanities for your home, go with something unusual. For example, use a piece of furniture or other items that are not normally seen in a bathroom. Think of something that reflects your personal style when choosing a unique look for your bathroom.

Nice Vanity Cabinets For Bathroom


Use a low chest of drawers for your vanity rather than a traditional worktop. Cut a hole in the top of the sink for the sink, or cut two holes for a double sink. Depending on the height of the dresser, you may need to raise it from the bottom to accommodate a drop-in sink. You need to cut holes in the back of the plumbing agency. Put a new coat of paint on the chest of drawers or paint it a color that complements the rest of your bathroom. Use paint or paint that is moisture resistant.


If you prefer a more useful look, use an old metal desk your bathroom vanity. Place a stainless steel sink at the top of the desk between the drawers on the two sides. Use these boxes as your bathroom storage. Instead of a traditional vanity, use shelves. Mount a sink on the wall, or choose a pedestal style sink. Then mount shelves on the wall on both sides of the sink. Choose shelves that are wide enough to hold baskets where you can put your toiletries. Create a unique vanity and sink using mosaic tiles. Choose a simple bench with a sink mounted in it. Choose the mosaic that matches your bathroom design and covers the countertop with them. Choose a simple abstract design or make a pattern, such as diamonds or a chessboard.

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