Super Cool Indoor Bike Rack

Indoor bike rack – the bicycle rack is an essential element for the cyclist. The trunk bike carrier, It is the attachment system that is the easiest and quickest to hang on your vehicle. Nevertheless, it is also the least secure because this system is fix by simple straps or ropes. A large number of bicycle racks or bikes fall on the road!

Artistic Wall Bike Rack

With Clug, storing your bike is no longer a problem. Small and minimalist, this 3D printed bicycle rack fixes your bike absolutely anywhere. For many, the problem of cycling is to find a place in his apartment to put it away . Clug offers a practical and effective solution to gain space. This small piece of plastic with a stylish design allows you to clip a bike wheel horizontally or vertically, on any support, wall or floor.

The Clug settles in minutes. It can be screwed on a wooden surface, concrete or brick. Discreet and design, it goes unnoticed. It is available in two exterior colors (white or black) and three interior colors (orange, green, blue and black).  On the walls, on the ground, inside or outside , this tiny bike carrier is super-efficient. Three models are available for standard, hybrid or ATV road tires.

12 Super Cool Indoor Bike Rack Photos