Table Lamp Shades By Yourself

Table lamp shades – We all know how important lamps are to provide light in a beautiful and sophisticated room design. But what about shades? If you want to add a pizzazz to your simple table lamp shades, here some easy tips for decorating the lampshades. If you feel ambitious you can use the thread to sew a design of your choice on a fabric shade. Sew on initials, geometric designs or any other shape you want.

White Lamp Shades

Another opt for the stick table lamps, is try using fabric varnish (available at most craft stores) to add color and life to fabric shades. Paint it all in one color, try a geometric pattern, paint names or initials, or any other image you can think of. This can also be a fun project for children who want to customize their rooms (the artwork doesn’t always have to go to the fridge or walls).

And the opt. for table lamps shades is, fill a spray bottle with a fabric dye and spray a shade. For a graded look, sprits the bottom of the shadow, then empty part of the bottle and add water. Spray the adjacent portion of the lampshade over the dark part. Repeat the process and spray up on the lampshade until the desired appearance is achieved. You can also do the opposite, making the upper part of the color darker and lighter as you move down. Make sure you do it in an area where you will not accidentally spray anything else. Once dyed it is dyed.

12 Table Lamp Shades By Yourself Photos