Take Benefits Of Empty Wine Rack Ideas

Wine Rack Ideas – Instead of storing an empty wine rack, make use of it. A wine rack does not have to contain only wine. It can make an attractive holder for many other household items. It provides a unique way to store objects that may otherwise have resulted in clutter. Wine racks are decorative and made in a multitude of styles. Use one that complements the decoration of your home.

Wine Rack Plans

Ride a small wine rack on a wall in your bathroom and use it to hold the jewelry. Set necklaces around the wooden dowels and let them hang down so you can easily see necklaces without digging through a drawer or jewelry box. Tie the long ribbons on the pegs to hold earrings, and then insert them through the ribbon. Depending on the number and length of the tapes you use, you can attach hundreds of pairs of earrings. If the wine rack has a drawer, use it to hold bracelets or jewelry pins.

Replace the old kitchen utensil holder with a small wine rack. Leave it on a kitchen countertop so the mouths are pointing up. Put all your kitchen utensils high into the openings, such as wooden spoons, a rolling pin, large stirring spoons or spatulas. Roll clean kitchen towels or potholders and put them in the remaining openings.

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