Temporary Room Divider Without Spending Money

Temporary room divider – Often the same room serves many purposes and, therefore, we need to make some kind of separation in it. One that is also economical would be a good solution. Whether you need to divide a room only temporarily, because you have unexpected guests in the house? Or because you want to give a large room a more welcoming environment, these divisor mechanisms will be the answer.

Temporary Walls Room Dividers Ikea

Hanging window frame

For this project, you will need an interesting old wooden window frame. Clean the glass and frame completely. Paint it in a way that matches the room. Add some fun touches to the glass panels with paint and create your own work of art that is visible from both sides of the room. Using decorative chains, roof hooks and eye hooks, hangs the window in the area you have designated. And you will have created unique hanging room dividers for less than US $ 100.

PVC curtain

Using large diameter PVC tubes and white nylon fabric, you can create a pvc room divider with an air of pop art for less than $ 60. Buy two or three sections of pipe, approximately three inches in diameter. Cut the tubes into rings two inches thick and drill holes through them, at a distance of 180 degrees between them. Tie them to the fabric and hang them from the ceiling.

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