The Best DIY Towel Rack

DIY towel rack – You can make your own towel bars from wooden pegs and blocks can be found in your home improvement or local craft stores. This simple wooden project can be done in a matter of minutes and the finished covered within a few hours. Ideas for DIY towel rack, drill one 3/4 – inch indentation in the middle of one side of each square block of 4 inches of wood. The notch should be ½ inch deep so your spike will fit securely inside.

DIY Towel Rack Ideas

Sand the surfaces of all wood components to remove rough areas in the wood and to remove the chips. The wooden pin can be smooth, but a little extra sanding is not going to hurt anything and can prevent your towels from getting hooked unnecessarily. Of stains or paint the wooden components of the towel bar to match the decor of your bathroom. Allow the first layer to dry before adding a second layer. Let the second layer dry.

Apply a layer of polyurethane top coat on the stained or painted towel bar. The polyurethane protects the wood against moisture. This is an important step, since the steam from the shower can bend an unprotected wooden towel bar. And then attach the wall bracket to the wall and the back edge of the 4-inch square wooden blocks. Make sure the m inch notches face each other. Place one of the blocks of wood to the wall and place one end of the spike in the notch.

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