The Best Garage Wall Shelving

Garage wall shelving installation provides storage solutions for tools, equipment, paint, cleaning and automotive supplies. The garage is an ideal storage space, as it is out of the way and out of sight of customers and neighbors. Some even offer garages extra workshop space to put on shelves. Garage shelving tips will make your extra storage both convenient and functional.

New Garage Wall Shelving

Examine your garage for the best shelf locations. The back wall is ideal for storage, since it is the most exterior side of the garage tracks. The side walls also offer storage space, which could house the most frequently used items, such as foam from the tires and the window and washing of liquid vehicles.

Consider the height of the garage shelf. For the side walls, leave enough free space to enter and exit the car. Also, place the shelves at a comfortable height to reach the stored items. For the rear wall, the lower shelf should be enough to remove the front of your car high. When placing several shelves along a wall, take into account the height of the objects that line up these shelves. Leave enough space for easy placement and removal of stored items. For taller shelves that require a step stool, make sure these shelves are within reach when you are standing on the stool.

12 The Best Garage Wall Shelving Photos