The Best Wood Garage Door

A wood garage door is quite common in homes and commercial properties. There are several advantages of this type of doors and it is available for sale at point’s garage doors, home improvement providers and lumberyards. A Masonite garage door is economical and functional. Also, Masonite is made of pressed wood pulp and covered with a sheen laminated surface. And then the material folds easily and is often used on skate ramps. Lightweight, durable and economical, it is a common choice for assorted garage doors.

Best Masonite Wood Garage Door

The Masonite garage door is constructed like a wooden garage door. It has a wooden frame and inside the frames are agglomerate panels. These fit into the frame of the glass door just as it fits into a window pane. And then after the frame is assembled, the door can be painted with exterior latex paint. Also, Masonite itself is made by heating the wood pulp and pressing it into solid boards, coating them the outside with a paint of enamel eggshell.

There is a wide variety of Masonite doors; each one is made using different materials. The most common are doors with Masonite wood frames. These use a solid wood frame such as pine or birch and 1/4 inch Masonite panels. Then for other doors can be used thicker panels, up to an inch. All doors are Masonite panel style doors.

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