The Ethnic Natural Wood Nightstand

Natural Wood Nightstand –  Some people claim that night beds are nightclubs, so they really run out of ideas if they decorate their rooms by giving an example of foreign beaches in the West Indies. The beds are easy, they said with four posters labeled where they can attach the type of sound, and use batik materials for strands and pillowcases, which cover the appearance perfectly. Others use sounds from the ceiling to give the illusion of a four poster! But ethnic beds seem to be inaccessible.

Bedside Rounded Nightstand

What I have in mind now is natural rattan that is completely colorless. Rattan is made in the West Indies, therefore it is best suited in West Indies bedrooms without sacrificing the utilitarian needs of the night table. If you have been to the West Indies, you may find that they make the most beautiful tables of three sticks and two copper plates, one large and one smaller. The wood will hold the plate and your bingo has an ethnic stick.

West Indian furniture has a large amount of wood spinning in it, only one row after another in many furniture. So buying a night table that has a small “bar” outside the night bed is absolutely perfect and will bring the taste of West India to your bedroom very much. If you have an old cupboard, use the saw jig to cut rectangular openings in the door, and you will have space to insert a rattan insert or put bamboo in it.

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