The Right Finish Garage Flooring Tiles

Garage flooring tiles – Are you looking for the right finish for a garage floor? You can compare a coating floor of Unica Flooring with a cast floor. Only it is less thick than a cast floor and therefore cheaper. It is a layer that does not peel and is 3-10 times thick with respect to a concrete paint, depending on the choice. With a coating, small irregularities in the substrate will often remain visible.

Behr Garage Floor Paint Red

With poured floors this can be partly offset by the larger layer thickness and the self-leveling ability of the product. A big advantage of tiles is that you can create attractive patterns. Such as chessboard, on your floor. Another is that the tiles can be install over cracked or stained concrete floors without the need to repair the floor first.

A major disadvantage of garage tiles is the price. Prices usually start at about $ 2.50 per square meter and rise from there. This is more expensive than garage floor epoxy or garage floor paint. But balancing is that the installation is much faster and easier. One of the greatest advantages of flexible garage tiles over rigid tiles is that they are much easier to stand and go on over long periods of time.

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