Tidy Look Garage Storage Shelves

Garage storage shelves – Tired of looking for your tools, stumbling on boards on the ground or banging the rake in the face? It’s time to tidy up your garage. Plan a few days of work, a little beer and invite your friends to give you a hand. To have a tidy garage, it takes organization. The first step is to measure the available space. Then make plans. You must then determine what your garage will be used for.

Garage Box Storage

You will use it to store your car, tighten tools and outdoor furniture, to relax, to work … you decide. And to act! If your garage is congested, it is home to completely useless objects. This car part, there in the corner, was on your previous vehicle. Outside! This electric saw that no longer works: at the eco-center. Do you really need these pieces of drywall? It’s time to get rid of these traitories.

If you intend to use your garage to work or to protect your vehicle from the weather, plan to purchase a coating or paint the floor with a good epoxy paint. To keep the surface slippery, buy cactus soil and put it in a large salt cellar. Before the paint is dry, sprinkle generously with sand on the painted surface. When drying, the paint will “trap” the sand to ensure a rough surface. You do not want to break a leg.

12 Tidy Look Garage Storage Shelves Photos