Timeless Black And White Kitchen Curtains

Black for elegance, white for simplicity. If these two false colors attract you, bet on the black and white kitchen curtains. Timeless and refined, it guarantees a deco without fault! Demonstration with our selection of black and white kitchens, the duo of timeless colors. The black and white kitchen is rich in styles to offer the atmosphere of your choice. With these two “colors”, you will not take any risk. And will have the opportunity to have fun to create the decoration corresponding to your tastes without denoting!

Black And White Curtains Pattern

Generally, the black and white decorating duo adopts 3 styles. The classic style without artifice where the white and the black mix naturally, the style full of character inspired by an industrial or retro spirit and the pop style where the black and the white are accompanied by a flashy color.

For classic cuisine, the combination of black and white is the ideal choice. In this idea of ​​designing a chic and sober convivial space, white is adopted on the walls in order to illuminate the room a little more and to give a feeling of space. Certainly, black and white are “fake” colors classic and elegant, but they do not prevent some freedoms. Black and white curtain can take place in different ways, on a wallpaper on a wall, on the floor by tinting the black parquet, on the ceiling by painting the beams…

12 Timeless Black And White Kitchen Curtains Photos