Tips For Choosing The Living Room Curtains

In the event that the living room looks like a room full of light, the advice is to avoid living room curtains with bright colors, as they tend to fade quickly. Better to choose neutral colors, since they are less likely to discolor and in addition they are very easy to combine with the rest of the furniture in the room. Fabrics like linen, silk and velvet are the best choices because, in addition to being timeless classics, they tend to fall better and are more durable over time.

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Before buying the elegant living room curtains, it is necessary to take the measurements correctly. The upholsterers in most cases recommend hanging the curtains about six inches above the window frame. Measure from the top of the window to the desired length compared to the floor. For a traditional look it is recommended to add another two or three centimeters in length. For a modern look, on the other hand, the curtains must have the fall thread between the panel and the floor.

If the atmosphere you want to give to the living room is of a formal type, heavy silk or velvet curtains can be used. For a practical stay, recommended luxury curtains that can be easily washed, such as mixed fabrics made of rayon and silk, or from satin and cotton. For a young and informal atmosphere, choose cotton curtains because they work well with any type of furniture, conveying a strong and neat feeling.

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