Tips To Change Color Unique Bathroom Vanities

If a complete bathroom does not remodel in your financial forecast, but you are ready for a renovation, the solution may be as simple as a few hours of your time and a can of color. A unique bathroom vanities is typically a bathroom eye-catcher. With a few layers of color, you can change the color of a bathroom vanity and modify the bathroom decor.

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Decide which color to paint the bathroom vanity. For a beach or cottage finish, choose white color. Cream or light brown would work well for a vintage or antique look. Blank black color would create a stylish, modern feel and satin black color would give the room a modern yet relaxed touch. For something out of the ordinary, try a brick red or tin blue color. Unscrew and remove vanity doors and hardware. Use low grit sandpaper to gently sand vanity to prepare for painting.

Apply two layers of an oil-based primer to vanity and doors to keep the stain from bleeding through the paint. File primers are typically white. If you use color darker than white or off-white, ask a color trade to tone the primer to make it as close to your paint as possible. Apply two layers of paint to unique bathroom vanity and doors. Allow the paint to dry between coats and before handling. Distress the edges of the vanity gently with sandpaper if you are aiming for a rustic, shabby chic or cottage finish. Consider adding a glaze to the color that allows you to create a three-dimensional antique-like surface.Unique bathroom vanity,

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